Are you an athlete or competitor? Should you have your heart health tested?

Consultant cardiologist Navin Chandra speaks about the necessity of athletes testing their heart health 

I have a specialist interest in the management of athletes. I did a higher degree in sports cardiology a few years ago through the University of London and met a lot of elite athletes.

Both national and international organizations recommend a screening of athletes before participating in regular sport.

That includes the International Olympic Committee, FIFA, and large international cardiology societies including the European Society of Cardiology and the American Heart Association that have also recommend the same…

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In addition, I think that if you’re an athletic individual or an elite athlete, in particular, you should have an evaluation of your heart to make sure that you are safe to proceed, particularly when you’re doing endurance sports.

It has been shown that endurance sports do affect the structure and the function of the heart in the short term, and there is now research showing that it can also result in changes in the heart later on in life as well.

I invite you to book a consultation with Many Beats. If you have any concerns about your heart health or if you’re concerned about your risk of heart disease going forward, we will see you in a timely fashion in a location in London, and we’ll provide you with a very streamlined service. You can get a lot of investigations done and a definitive management plan, which is tailored to you as an individual.

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About the cardiologists

The Many Beats team consists of not one, but four highly experienced consultant cardiologists

Dr Navtej Chahal

Consultant Cardiologist


Navtej is a Consultant Cardiologist at Many Beats. He also consults at the London Northwest NHS Trust and the Royal Brompton Hospital, London having qualified from Guy’s and St Thomas’ Medical School in 2001. He is an Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer at Imperial College London

Dr Navin Chandra

Consultant Cardiologist


Navin is a Consultant Cardiologist at Many Beats. He is also a Consultant Cardiologist at Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust and an Honorary Consultant Cardiologist at Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Foundation Trust. He qualified from Guy’s, King’s & St. Thomas’s in 2004...

Dr Ahmed Elghamaz

Consultant Cardiologist


Ahmed is a Consultant Cardiologist at Many Beats. He also consults at Northwick Park Hospital and London North West Healthcare University Hospitals NHS Trust and is an Honorary Consultant Cardiologist at Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Foundation Trust. He completed his junior…

Dr Joban Sehmi

Consultant Cardiologist


Joban is a Consultant Cardiologist at Many Beats. His NHS practice is at West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS trust. He sees patients privately at Spire in Bushey and Bishops Wood Hospital in Northwood. He trained in medicine at Guy’s and St. Thomas’ medical school and qualified in 2003 with numerous academic awards…